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Hi everyone! we’re Neil & Tina the owners of Moss Lane Bees. We got into Beekeeping several years ago as our way of helping the planet. We’re not Eco-Warriors or anything like that…we are just considerate to our environment and want to ensure we protect something that is vital to our lives…

We are “Hobby” Beekeepers who always put our bees welfare before profit…this is something you should consider when you compare us and our site with many of our commercial counterparts…We are not profit driven and any excess stock sales that we do make throughout the year are ploughed back into our hobby. As you’re probably aware, beekeeping is an expensive pastime and this helps us fund our next-years beekeeping.  

Our Bees are very well cared for…to the point of being Pampered…and they seem to reward our efforts by being calm and peaceful. ..which is the perfect scenario for the hobby beekeeper.

Our Apiary  is  free from pesticides and herbicides…and to be fair, several of our village farmers are  also “bee friendly”  in their activities whenever practically possible.

About Us

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Beekeepers Removing Honeybee Swarm in Ellesmere

Doing “Our Bit” for the local community:

Capturing, removing and re-homing a small honeybee  swarm that were causing a nuisance to shoppers in Ellesmere Town Centre. Late July 2019

Weekly inspecions of our beehives

Weekly hive inspections at Moss Lane Bees:

Carrying out our weekly hive inspections at our apiary at Moss Lane Bees. May 2018

A Swarm Arrives!

We thought our neighbours were having a Bonfire…but it wasn’t smoke…it was a swarm of  honeybees arriving in our back garden just before a heavy downpour.

Varroa treatment 1 Varroa treatment 3 Varroa treatment 2 Winter Varroa Treatment December 2019